Although no college degree is required to become a pyrotechnician, anyone employed to assist the Bartolottas at a show must go through a training period. First, trainees head to a classroom where they go over a safety manual and are required to take a written exam. after they pass the test, hands on experience is provided.

Click on the link below to download the corresponding form:

2016-Employee Information Sheet


2016-IL Pyrotechnic Assistant Form


2016-ATF Employee Possessor Questionnaire



Each employee will be paid “per job” now instead of at the end of fireworks season.  We are mandating a new policy and going paperless and will not be issuing paper checks any longer. You have 3 options to be paid: Direct deposit into an account of your choosing, sign up for an account with our bank and build a bonus from First Bank with the Bank@Work program or be paid by a Sole PayCard(debit card). Below is the info on all 3 options and a link, but this is mandatory this year so please think about how you would like to be paid so that you can let us know at the seminar with the appropriate paperwork.

Direct Deposit Form

Bank @ Work Info.