Family History

In the 1930′s, founder Sam Bartolotta quickly realized that he had a great passion and love for fireworks. Sam transitioned his passion for fireworks, into a hobby and years later, into a full-time career when he officially opened Bartolotta Fireworks in 1977.

Bartolotta Fireworks went from 3 to 4 displays a year in 1977, to currently a booming 500 annual displays throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest. Today, Jeff, Jim, Jean and the third-generation are constantly developing new and exciting ways to improve their displays to further define their family’s unique style, while providing a superior level of satisfaction among our customers. The team at Bartolotta Fireworks Company, Inc. and their attention to detail, safety, and sophistication, has helped us please millions of people through the years. We’re continuously developing bigger and more technologically advanced ideas, to enhance what Sam always referred to as “Abbondanza in the sky!”